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Get Inspired: How Yoga Boosts Creativity

Need to get your creative juices flowing but feel a disconnect with your mind, body and soul? Some may argue being out in nature is all we need, others may say meditation cures all, and there are many who think simply listening to the breath will reveal all of life’s answers to us. They’re all correct.Thankfully, yoga merges these three practices. Did you know that yoga can be an effective tool for tapping into our creativity? Scientific research is proving right what many practitioners have already discovered — yoga helps foster creative energy through the unification of our mind, body, and soul.



Mindfulness is a powerful meditation technique practiced in yoga.  Being mindful means having an awareness of our present thoughts and feelings without judging them or reacting to them.   In other words, it teaches us to observe our emotions without labeling them as right or wrong.  The practice of accepting our experiences rather than struggling with them is an effective tool for dealing with the highs and lows that are a part of the creative flow.  Mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress, increase happiness, and promote divergent thinking, or the thought process used to generate and explore creative ideas.  A 2014 study conducted at Leiden University found that mindful-meditation led to an increase in innovative thinking and the generation of new ideas.  Clearing the mind from the fog of emotion allows our creative energy to be visible and more accessible.

Practical Tip:  Use every day events as reminders to “center” yourself (i.e. your morning cup of coffee or the sound of your cell phone ringing). Allow these signals to remind you that it’s time to pause for a moment, take a few breaths, and observe our emotions and our thoughts. This allows us to focus and regroup.



Working for hours at a time to perfect one’s craft can take a heavy physical toll.  When there is pain or discomfort in the body, the creative process suffers.   Yoga postures improve physical well-being by building strength and increasing flexibility.  For writers this might mean alleviating back and wrist pain by building muscle in the core and upper back, and improving flexibility in the chest and shoulders.  Violinists, for example, can dramatically reverse the asymmetry in their upper bodies by stretching and strengthening the corresponding muscles on each side.  When the body is unrestricted by pain, it becomes free to create.  As we open ourselves up physically, we become receptive to creative inspiration.

Practical Tip:  Begin each morning with 3-5 minutes of stretching.  A few rounds of sun salutations or even some restorative poses will help the body to open up and prepare for the day ahead.



Pranayama, or the practice of regulating the breath, is another vital component of yoga that promotes unity from the inside out.  The breath, mind, and body are intricately linked, just think of how our heart rate speeds up when we get nervous, and slows down as we relax.  By controlling the breath we learn to calm the mind and body.  Numerous studies have shown how deep-breathing exercises increase our Alpha brain waves — the same brain waves associated with higher levels of creativity and lower levels of stress.  When we encourage our breath to flow, artistic motivation follows suit.

Practical Tip:  While driving, turn off the radio and practice taking slow, deep breaths.  Notice how with each inhale and exhale you feel less rushed and frustrated and more calm and relaxed.

Yoga offers the tools to align the body, breath and mind and allows us to tap into the places where our creative energy resides.  When our head is clear and our body is relaxed we become receptive to the abundant creativity within.



Image by Jessica Passecker // www.jessicapasseckerphotography.com

Wardrobe by Mara Hoffman

Words by Riva Gdanski // Riva is a creative director, a yoga model, a freelance writer, and an instructor based just outside of NYC.  She hopes to inspire and motivate others to adopt a healthier lifestyle by sharing her passion for yoga through articles and images. For more information on Riva, visit www.RivaGYoga.com or follow her Instagram @riva_g_.