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Egyptian and Spanish Roots Merge to Inspire Captivating Designs

Self-taught jewelry designer Katra Awad can show us a thing, or an entire collection, from around the world. While some keep their travels documented on a computer file, Katra prefers to share her experiences through her designs so that others can carry a piece of foreign culture with them.

She’s traveled most of her life and uses her experiences as inspiration for each piece of uniquely designed jewelry. “Each piece offers a unique aesthetic derived from my imagination and designed in my studio. My latest, the Pyramidion collection is a jewelry line inspired by the past, present and future and pays a tribute to my ancestors,” Katra explains.

She began working with different mediums at a young age, jewelry-making included. She mentions, “There was always a strong urge to create and that feeling never went away.” Katra began showcasing her work at musical events and selling pieces to local boutiques at the young age of 14. Within the last few years, the jewelry designer decided to start her own collection and launch an online store from New York City.

“In the beginning there were some bumps in the road, but overall I’ve received some encouraging support. Society is constantly evolving and women are starting to gain recognition in various industries. It has been a struggle everywhere but the veil is finally being lifted and our stories are being heard all around the world, I feel a positive change is on the rise. It’s important to believe in yourself and your journey. I tend to take advice mainly from those I can learn from who have shown example, because no matter what you do there will always be somebody who has an unnecessary opinion to share,” she says of her journey to becoming the business woman she is today.

Katra’s parents met in Rome while traveling. Her mother is Mexican and her father is Egyptian, but they traveled to many places outside of these regions. Although she grew up in different countries, her travel experiences actually influenced her to explore her own family’s heritage and ancestors.

She recounts, “I believe our ancestors play a very important role today in our existence. During one of my travels someone once shared with me, ‘It is our responsibility in life to pursue our talents to the fullest extent and to make every second count’.”

Katra’s jewelry pieces transport the wearer not only abroad but also back in time. In addition to being a talented jewelry designer, she is also a great story teller, creating vivid images of her adventures abroad as she describes them. Next on her list of travels is India, Morocco, and Egypt to visit her family. After arriving from her travels, a piece of every new experience is displayed to the world for customers to admire through her jewelry collections. “I hope to utilize my art as a platform to inspire and contribute to others,” Katra contends.

For more information on Katra Awad visit, www.katraawad.com.

By Carolina La Fuente


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