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Dive Into the Abysse

Born from the depths of the Tahitian blue sea, one year old Abysse is already making waves in the world of wetsuits. Inspired by her home island, creator and founder Hanalei has combined her lifelong love of traveling and surfing, with her knack for fashion to bring a practical and stylish option to lady sliders everywhere.

“Growing up surfing and traveling was an amazing way of discovering the world and growing. When I started surfing for Ripcurl, my dreams were supported by a company; I learned all the ins and outs and believed that anyone could make a change. This really opened my mind about the business,” she says. In just a short year, she made quite a change. Abysse has partnered with Sirens for the Sea, a non-profit organization that is passionate about oceanic and environmental issues. Together, this brand with a purpose is doing its part to help ensure action is taken to protect and preserve our waters.

“I have dreamt of founding a business that will reach further, that will inspire a generation and that will portray the amazing stories of people that change the world with their own two hands,” adds Hanalei.

Spending countless hours surfing, diving and dancing under water will be effortless in Abysse. Made in Australia exclusively from Japanese Geoprene, this eco-friendly water repellant material will have you gliding through the water like a mystical mermaid. Prints inspired by cherished moments in Hanalei’s life, with colors in the collection reflecting the tantalizing Tahitian waters and marine life, each piece is uniquely designed and fashionably functional. “I believe I am not the only girl wanting to spend hours in the ocean while looking good doing it,” says Hanalei. Durably made to stand the test of time, the sun will play and moonlight will kiss your monochromatic second skin. Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.42.55 PMReflecting on favorite travel locations and her go-to surf spots, Hanalei recalls, “As I have been living between California and Australia, going back home is my favorite travel destination. Moreover, the surf is incredible, and there is no equal feeling than surfing your home breaks. The wave in front of my house is called Taapuna, and it’s a gem of the Pacific. I love going to Hawaii and surfing the North Shore (when it’s not 25 feet), roaming around the Sunshine coast of Australia for fun longboard waves, and any spot that has warm water and long perfect lefts!”

Staying true to herself and all that Hanalei believes in, Abysse will no doubt be a staple for women in the surf world for many years to come. “I see the Abysse woman as confident, active, happy and loving the ocean,” she says. Hanalei has absolutely found her calling as she has traveled the world and the seven seas. Everybody’s looking for something, and it looks like she’s found it with a brand that will revolutionize surf fashion.

To immerse yourself in one of Hanalei’s impeccable creations and hear more about her current happenings, visit Abysse Official.

By: Amanda Hawes

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