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Celebrate Your Silhouette

The ease of a sun dress on a scorching summer day, complimentary drinks during happy hour with the girls, and never having to stress over premature balding— or balding in general. There are many advantages of being a woman in today’s era, yet a primary benefit that often goes uncelebrated, is the true beauty of our exquisitely designed bodies.

The truth is, many of us are in abusive relationships with our bodies, internally beating ourselves up every time we gain a few pounds, externally jeopardizing our health with crash diets, and binge eating. Research indicates that, on average, women have 13 negative body thoughts daily. Meaning one thought for every waking hour of our day is focused on judging, ridiculing or even despising our silhouette of strength.

As an enthusiastic advocator of health and fitness, even I sometimes obsess over the self-image wishes of a flatter tummy or slimmer thighs, however through my journey towards wellness, I now understand that achieving a healthy lifestyle stems from establishing a loving relationship with your physique, and recognizing it for the powerhouse it truly is.

Media often portrays the idea of a body image under the false impression that in order to be healthy, one must be skinny. How often do we see advertisements glamorizing the latest 10-day juice cleanse, or breakthrough quick fixes to banish belly bloat. Magazines imply that we are not enough, by expressing in different ways how to get leaner, thinner and fitter with their “look better naked” and “ six-minute ab” workouts. Giving into the pressure and committing to a fitness regimen or fad diet with the intention of changing the way you look, your outward display of self will never become what you wish.

Finding beauty in your body comes from leading a life that makes you feel confident, energized, and at peace with yourself.

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project states, “Working out is about sanity, not vanity,” and I couldn’t agree more. A balanced lifestyle is reaping with vast benefits, other than the initial purpose of looking good. It boosts your immune system, reduces anxiety and increases vitality, all while transforming your mind into a state of tranquility.

Sustaining a proper well-being is a foolproof way to remind yourself of the revitalizing energy, aggressive drive and devoted happiness that resides within, it is used as a tool of the mind, that allows yourself the freedom create the life your heart envisions.

Establishing a loving relationship with your body by embracing every graciously flawed quality with assurance, let go of the infamous “thigh gap” expectations you have for your frame, and begin to celebrate your shapely silhouette as it is in this very moment. I encourage you to show your appreciation for the limitless potential your womanly body has to offer by fueling it with the freshest of foods, granting it an adequate amount of rest, remaining properly hydrated, and moving it to its fullest capacity.

The body is an instrument of strength that carries your beautiful soul. This astonishing machine deserves to be cherished, just as much as it cherishes you.

By Gennah Rodriguez

Image: Courtesy of Bohemian Collective