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Dive Into the Abysse

Born from the depths of the Tahitian blue sea, one year old Abysse is already making waves in the world of wetsuits. Inspired by her home island, creator and founder Hanalei has combined her lifelong love of traveling and surfing, with her knack for fashion to bring a practical and stylish option to lady sliders everywhere.

Chronicling Life: Inspiring Hope

“Hope has always been a big theme for me. Even when I was a little kid I always felt if I was going to do music, I was going to do music that had hope for people.” Whether she’s tackling difficult issues like domestic violence or social justice, singer-songwriter Naomi Wachira strives to tell her audience a story in a respectful, dignified and honest way.

Hear My Home Speak

In the midst of engulfing yourself in total peace and relaxation, one can create a vivid well-balanced surrounding with the help of Soul Makes. A company started by two love birds – Mackenzie and Trevor, which has spun into a worldly- bohemian inspired colorful calmness, this Virginia business has blossomed world-wide.

Pour Your Heart Out…

While blogs are a magnificent way to open up your life lens to the world and expose people to beautiful, inspiring and interesting things, I do believe that there is still a creatively magical element to the therapeutic act of journaling. Through blogs we can educate, meditate, share, organize and perhaps even vent, but there is still a vastly public aspect to all things documented. I for one am a perpetual fountain of thoughts, ideas and emotions, (not sure if that’s a good thing or not) that needs to deposit and transfer information constantly. Whether that means jotting things down, embarking on a creative research streak or sharing with a friend. (Thank you, my wonderful, loving and patient soul mates… you know who you are!)…

Crystal Reed, A Passionate Heart

This Michigan native started her acting career landing roles in shows on CSI, Rizzoli & Isles and The Hard Times of RJ Berger. Crystal Reed is most widely known for her role in MTV’s Teen Wolf, as Allison Argent – a descendant of a long line of werewolf hunters whose family motto is, “We hunt those who hunt us.” The show’s plot line thickens as Allison also happens to be the love interest of Scott McCall, a werewolf, initially unbeknownst to Allison.

Knowledge and Wisdom: Playing the Balance Game

The last couple of weeks have been pretty chaotic with events such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim Week taking place in beautiful Miami, as well as wrapping up our shoots for the Fall issue, which only means that I will now transition into my “hermit mode” in order to design and layout the book for your reading pleasure! =) The interesting thing about all this chaos and “busyness” in high activity seasons is that I grow exponentially on so many levels. I begin to fret or attempt to plan for everything taking place and somewhat neglect other areas in order to get through the tasks at hand, yet I can have the tendency to temporarily loose sight of the vision which initially fueled the initiative…

If the World was Blind

I was recently browsing through the web for some intrinsic soul inspiration and stumbled upon this most breathtaking and heart stirring quote which read, “If the world was blind, how many people would you impress?” Now this got me into rapid thinking mode and of course began to overwhelm me with ideas, emotions, exhortations and all else you can imagine would come at someone as if they were slapped in the face with the greatest wave of truth.  Since that day, this quote has creepily weaseled its way into my every day causing a re-calibration of just about EVERYTHING! It made me wonder as a culture what it is that we praise, that we give value to, that we ultimately let ourselves become influenced by. And for…

The Universe is a Temple…

The summer is here and Miami tends to be a “melting pot” not only for those culturally hungry individuals loving the diversity and colorful backgrounds of every face that walks by, but also for the climatic hermits who enjoy the warm rays while still delving into an invigorating wardrobe that includes layering even at its most minimal level. I for one, am and forever will be a “boot lady” til I die! (not exemplified in this post, but believe me, many boots to come) I love to wear them in all styles and colors regardless of weather conditions or climate, so it’s no surprise that I also love to wear light jackets in the summer. After all, most places I walk into have cranked up air conditioners that…

For Best Results, Just Add Claire Holt

Everyone knows Claire Holt as the smoldering and surprisingly vulnerable vampire, Rebekah from “The Vampire Diaries.” But did you know a vampire isn’t the only mythical creature Holt has played? Her first appearance on the screen was as Emma Gilbert, a brainy, no nonsense mermaid on the show “H2O: Just Add Water,” where three teenage mermaids learn to control their magical powers while getting through high school.

Love Language

While recently listening to a Deepak Chopra podcast on a morning drive, I attentively tuned in as he calmly declared, “Love believes everyone is doing their best.” I repeatedly rehearsed and entertained this thought that although extremely elemental, is very seldom exercised. In this moment, everything shifted. My life flashed right before my eyes, like a giant roulette table reminding me of every circumstance in which someone has hurt, offended or rejected me. Now, with a different set of lenses every scenario yielded an opposing result. I attempted to dig deep with the eyes of love, and if everyone was in fact doing their best, my preconceived notions were erroneous all along. We often live by what we feel rather than what we know and…

High Tides

As the ocean fluctuates in its mysterious vastness we observe and marvel at this body of life that brings serenity and peace while simultaneously invigorating the spirit to reach new heights. Funny thing about the sea is that it’s tides subtly change numerous times throughout the day and only if we stop and observe will we ever notice its peculiar residue on rocky surfaces which marks the levels of change. Living in places like Hawaii and Costa Rica where monumental mountains separate bays and secretly hidden natural treasures, it’s not uncommon to see people cross over while the tides are low. But as the tides begin to rise, an anxiety wave takes over, urging us to rush out before we get stuck on the wrong…

Pandeia: Follow Your Inner Compass

Many concepts start where you least expect them to.  Just continuing your love for vintage, fashion, or designing on a daily basis wouldn’t call for an extraordinary day but, for Kelsi it was the start of a new journey in her life.  This journey will change the way we tell time, fashionably.  A piece that was made of left over leather straps, a brass buckle off an old purse, and a pocket compass sundial. 

The Art of the Perfect Argument

The dynamics between man and woman are simply fascinating.  Our personalities, emotions and outlooks can be drastically different and unique; heck, experts even claim we even come from different planets.  So what happens when we don’t see eye to eye- when Mars and Venus collide and form a catastrophic bang?  How do we react when our sensitive side takes hold of our emotions and our peaceful, Zen relationship erupts in an argument?

Lady Slider

“More than anything, I just believe in doing what you’re passionate about and giving yourself the freedom to do whatever makes you happy!” wise words from Tara Michie, also known as “Lady Slider” to her blog followers.  Michie grew up splitting her time between Hilo and Honolulu and graduated from the “Apparel Product Design and Merchandising” program at UH. Creating her home on North Shore, she recently became the designer/muse for the company Cameron Hawaii, a Hawaii- inspired clothing company based out of LA.

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