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Shame Resilience: A Vulnerability Hangover Cure

“I love being horribly straightforward. I love sending reckless text messages (because how reckless can a form of digitized communication be?) and telling people I love them and telling people they are absolutely magical humans and I cannot believe they really exist. I love saying, “Kiss me harder,” and “You’re a good person,” and, “You brighten my day.” 

What You Possess

It seems that as a generation, we have a tendency to battle life’s challenges as if we were the star comedian at a constantly sold out improv club. We “roll with the punches” in the most spontaneous way assuming that we’ll know exactly what to do when difficulty arises. In our emotional and spiritual lives we often wing it, and handle unforeseen circumstances with a disheartening sense of urgency. Our culture puts an enormous emphasis on the importance of academic exam preparation, military training, emergency airplane evacuation, and fire drills to name a few essential and valuable practices. However, just like any gymnast investing numerous hours training for the Olympics or a soccer player rigorously sprinting daily in preparation for the World Cup, we too…

An Open Letter From a Wife Who Married Young-Ish

Twenty-four is an interesting age. Depending on the age of whom you ask, 24 year-olds are either just starting to get their lives together, or just starting to figure out all they lack. Truthfully, that could be said for any 20-something age, but I think twenty-four in particular holds a certain sophomoric gumption that slowly wanes as one approaches 30.

Feelin’ Yourself? 5 Roads Leading to Self Love

With the new year upon us, it’s fitting to stretch ourselves into a few new practices.  Twenty sixteen can surprise us, even by its numerical messages. One of the greatest spiritual meanings of the number sixteen is, drumroll please: l-o-v-e-!  Let’s peek into the ways we can focus this statement of love inwardly to, in turn, outwardly love those around us.

Fresh and Crisp Mango Salsa Recipe

Making salsa doesn’t have to be complicated – a couple fresh ingredients and lots of love is all you need. This sweet and salty mango salsa with-a-kick is the perfect way to spice up tortilla chips, salads and even tacos. The best part? The mango fruit has incredible health benefits acting as a skin cleanser, helping digestion and strengthening the immune system, among other things. Delicious and nutritious? Yes, please!

Move Slow, We’re in a Hurry – Tips to Increase Productivity

Each day we’re given a clean slate to begin anew — at any moment we can take a deep breath and start over. Instead of being consumed and overwhelmed with our daily tasks, we have the power to intentionally create our reality, and in turn, form our lives into a true masterpiece by working on perfecting each detail day by day. Below are some tips to maximize productivity levels and to help us remember to slow down especially when we are in a hurry.

Steadfast ThanksLIVING: How a Year of Gratitude Manifested the Life I’d Always Dreamt

Melody Beattie put it best when she said, “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Very rarely do we understand life moving forward in the boisterous ebbs and flows of the mundane day-to-day. It’s only when we cede way to thorough retrospection that we are capable of glancing at the grand masterpiece delicately woven together by the “rain and sunshine” intervals life wittingly reveals. In essence, existence can only be understood when...

Spirit Animal

top (bottom image): Trash Vintage // Jewels: PFYTPoncho and Pants(top image) + colorful top (bottom image): Trash Vintage  // Shirt: Arnhem Clothing // Jewels: PFYT Playsuit: The Naked TigerPhotography: Moriah Overell Hair and Makeup & Styling: Cassie Bimrose Model: Suzy Wootton Assistant: Maddison Burr Location: Maleny Botanical Gardens

Creative Living with Anahata Katkin

Every once in a while we come across a piece of artwork that moves us, shakes us up a bit and shows us how imperfectly beautiful life can be. Perhaps what is even more magical than the art piece itself is the story behind it, or in this case, the person. Which brings us to the subject of Anahata Katkin and her breathtaking designs, each carefully develop with adept skill and tact to tell an enchanted story. As the owner of retail stores PAPAYA! Living and Jupiter Row, the self-taught creative teaches us a thing or two about life as an artist.

5 Favorite Earthbound Trading Co. Items for Your Nest

The immense desire to explore may motivate you to travel but it may also cause an inner struggle to find balance. While the nomadic spirit drives the need for cultural exploration, obligations and financial responsibilities may prevent such actions. Luckily, Earthbound Trading Company brings beautiful foreign treasures to you through their website and local store offerings.

How to Care for Down There

Yes ladies, it’s time to talk about our vaginas. Our vagary’s and who-ha’s or whatever you feel comfortable calling it. We are constantly reminded about taking care of our hearts, working out and doing regular breast exams, but what about our most precious and powerful body part? Our vagina’s are important. Understanding how they work and how to care from them properly is the key to having a healthy vagina, high self-esteem and happy sex life.

Getting Down with Wild Belle

The world of music is a magical place. Like a warp in time, it’s a portal to the soul of those who create it, expressing every last syllable that couldn’t otherwise have found a comfortable outlet. The connection between expresser and receiver is unparalleled when music is involved, shooting through the personal and into the plane of the cosmic. It’s sonic fate.

Parallel Universe

Flower Crown:Wild+free jewelry // Swimsuit:Peace of paradise // Crystal, leather necklace: three arrows leather // Amethyst chunk necklace: Torchlight jewelry Flower Crown: Ina Dayle // Wrap top: sew materialized // Swim bottoms: peace of paradise // Open dress: Stylist’s own // Necklace: Karen kell collection // Rings:Lux divine jewelry // Lapiz cuff: raptor jewelry Head chain+boots: Lux divine jewelry // Peruvian bracelet: kanika shop // Gold cuff:break a stone // Colorful necklace: Gypsy River // Amethyst necklace: Wild heart Jewellery // Military Jacket: Sugarhigh+Lovestoned // Tie-dye Shorts: Custom Studded Flower Crown:Wild+free jewelry // Swimsuit:H+M // Vest: Guess // Pants: Mamie Ruth // Druzy necklace+rings: Lux divine jewelry // Crystal, leather necklace: three arrows leather

Lost and Found

Large Blue Ring: Gypsy River // Three Chunk Turquoise Ring: The Stray Arrow // Gold Carved Cuffs with Stones: Break A Stone // Two Crystal Bracelet: Wings Hawaii // Turquoise Necklace: Torchlight Jewelry // Black Leather Necklace: Three Arrows Leather // Jacket: Obsezz Turquoise Cuffs: Gypsy River // Thunderbird Cuff: Torchlight Jewelry // Two Piece Turquoise Ring: The Stray Arrow // Small Turquoise Ring: Raptor Jewelry // Three Stone Ring: Stylist’s Own // Black Leather, Turquoise Necklace: Three Arrows Leather // White Breastplate Necklace: The Feather Junkie // Tie Dye Dress: Amorroma Large Turquoise Ring: Gypsy River // Crystal Double Ring: Wild Heart Jewellery // Crystal Single Ring: Jade Stone Jewelry // Long Metal Ring: Vanessa Mooney // Cuffs: Stylist’s Own // All Necklaces: Three…

Castles Made of Sand

White bathing suit: Musotica // Floral skirt: Novella Royale // All Jewelry: The Shangri-LA // Leather purse: Heyoka Leather // Shoes: Steve Madden Pants: Novella Royale // Leather top: Heyoka Leather // Leather bag: Heyoka Leather // All Jewelry: The Shangri-LA Jumpsuit: Novella Royale // Jewelry: White leather necklace: Heyoka Leather, Green/gold stone necklace: The Shangri-LA, Pink/gold stone necklace: The Shangri-LA, Gold/silver bracelets: Lucky Brand Fur Vest: Showoff // All Jewelry: The Shangri-LA // White bathing suit: Musotica Editorial Credits Photography by Michelle Paulsen Photographers Assistant: Abbi Cooley Stylist: Jacqueline Sapigao Hair/MUA: Stacey Barnes Model: Brianna Olenslager

Nesting with Ally

Ally Sands, the designer behind Aquarian Soul on Etsy, shows us a quick and exciting glimpse of her incredible home. Her work varies from making jewelry to crafting dream catchers, to creating embroidery designs. There is much love instilled in her space, which warms the soul, and creates a space of sacredness. Ally is an inspiration to the dreamers, lovers and gypsy souls.

Tahiti Lovin’ with Body Glove

One piece: Body Glove // Choker:  The 2 Bandits // Tooth: Sea Salt Jewelry Co. // Beaded: Wings Hawaii //Quartz: Sunlit Fire // Bracelets left: The 2 Bandits // Bracelets right: The 2 Bandits, Shop by Misha // Rings left to right: Lost Lover Store, Bella + Chloe, Tribe Jewelry One-piece: Body Glove // Choker: The 2 Bandits // Beaded: Wings Hawaii // Pink coin: Sasha Eillena Jewelry // Square coins: Wild Heart Jewellery // Ring left: Wings Hawaii // Rings Right: Rework Creative // Tribe jewelry bracelets: Bahgsu Jewels // Balsam + Vine: Shop by Misha Swim two-piece: Body Glove // Necklaces top to bottom: Natalie B Jewelry, Rossio Roos, Sasha Eillena Jewelry // Bracelets Left: Gypsie’s Caravan, Isabella Rae Jewelry // Bracelets right:…

Meet the Canvas: Shadé Akanbi

Shadé Akanbi is more than a fashionable woman with a story, her wardrobe has a history of its own. Her style is an organized chaos of vibrant colors and textural patterns. There is an effortless way to how she throws together a patterned jacket, gilded vest and her daily stack of bracelets. Shadé has traveled extensively, and her travels have greatly affected her style and philosophy on clothing.

All About Rebecca Ronald

From serving as Billabong’s brand ambassador and lifestyle model at the budding age of 17 to where she is today, it seems bizarre that Rebecca Ronald is merely in her early 20s. The last five years for Rebecca have been packed with highs, lows, and a whole lot of soul searching. Let’s just say this woman can handle just about anything, all with an open heart and a smile upon her face.

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