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Refreshing Watermelon Salad

This refreshing watermelon salad has all sorts of flavors and textures in one — from sweet watermelon, to crunchy almonds, to decadent cheese and tangy vinaigrette. Enjoy this as a side dish accompanied by protein or as a light lunch on a breezy summer day. Ingredients 6 cups of watermelon [appx 3 lbs] 1/2 cup of fresh Italian parsley or cilantro [leaves only] ¼ cup of raw almonds or sea salt almonds [chopped] 4 ounces of queso fresco [cut into square size pieces] Vinaigrette  1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard 1 ½ tablespoons red wine vinegar or sherry vinegar 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice ½ cup extra virgin olive oil White pepper [optional & to liking] Salt [to liking] Tools 1 small bowl 1 large bowl Whisk Knife Cutting board…

How Humans of New York Inspired an Artistic Movement

Who has influenced you the most in your life? A few months ago, I learned about a story in a popular photo blog called Humans of New York. HONY won my heart a little over a year ago just by the simple yet compelling portraits of people and the hearty fragments of their story. The honest questions and raw answers magnetized me. I’d scroll through and read story after story, each one bringing me a little bit closer to my own humanity.

Stars Aligned

Dress: Jen’s Pirate Booty // Kimono & Afghan Kuchi Jewelry : Odd Lovin’  Jumpsuit: Odd Lovin’ // Afghan Kuchi Headpiece & Jewelry: Odd Lovin’ Kimono &  Afghan Kuchi Necklace: Odd Lovin’ Dress: Jen’s Pirate Booty // Afghan Kuchi Jewelry: Odd Lovin’ Photographer: Isabell N. Wedin Styling: Tuva Minna Linn at Odd Lovin’ Hair & Make-Up: Anna Mirow Model: Linnea Pihl

Alma de la Selva

“Blogger? I’ve been struggling with the label…” says Jana Rose Carrero from the style blog, OJ and Cigs. As a multifaceted woman, visual experimenter, music and art enthusiast, Jana feels most at home in her contemplative state, creating visual art. An ease is felt in her presence as she opens up about her drive and passions, exuding a wealth of serenity that can inspire even the most impartial onlooker. Her work features soft, subtle images intertwined with edge and elegance  — a testament to the woman herself. As a visionary, Jana creates poetry with her aesthetic, painting a story with her images. Her imaginative visuals have garnered a widespread audience of others who also view life as art, and clothing as a form of extracting and showcasing life’s beauty. To her, the act of blogging…

Desert Dreams

EDITORIAL CREDITS:  Photographer & Co-Creative Director: Emilynn Rose // IG: @EmilynnRose Artist/Model & Co – Creative Director: Quigley  // IG:OfficiallyQuigley Clothing: Spell Byron Bay // IG: @Spell_ByronBay Shoes: PS Kaufman // IG: @PsKaufman Hats: Gladys Tames Millinery  // IG: @Gladys_Tamez_Millinery

Musical Personalities: Prism’s Favorites

Being a music editor or self-made aficionado in the platform doesn’t simple mean you like music or that you go to a few shows and festivals. Music lovers are constantly on the search for a new sound, a new feeling that’s incited, an old memory that needs reminding. We delve into the depths of music’s past, searching for trends that showcase its future. Over at Prism, music is our life-line, the air we breathe that keeps us alive. That’s why it’s in our name. You can tell a lot about someone based on their musical tastes. Open-minded souls tend to find a variety of tones and rhythms interesting, casting aside genres and musical eras. Focused minds know exactly what they like and live happily knowing they’ve…

In a State of Sunshine

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination.” -Ben Sweetland When we begin to see life’s circumstances as opportunities to joyfully grow, deeply mature and positively evolve, we begin to see the light! Living in a state of sunshine is a decision to laugh, to dance, to sing, to enjoy, to appreciate, to give, to love! My journey has been quite an interesting one, and eventful to say the least, but in welcoming change, challenge and adventure, my heart has assimilated to that constant development. Understanding that each day, task and situation has a golden nugget of wisdom brings me a plethora of colorful joy! Seeking out the blessing at every opportunity will transform a gloomy perspective into a bright horizon of possibility and expectation. May…

3 DIY Moisturizers for Different Skin Types

Most skin products sold in stores today are filled with artificial preservatives and other chemicals that are not good for skin — moisturizers are no exception.  In this industry inundated with toxin skin products, it can be challenging to find something natural for you skin, especially for your specific skin type. But sometimes, all you have to do is look around your kitchen.

Coastal Traveler

Clothes: Vintage Clothes: Vintage Coat: BB DAKOTA  Dress: Again Collection Dress: Sloane Rouge Editorial Credits Photography & Creative Direction: Alex Kromer //  www.alexkromer.com // @kromeyyy Model: Megan Ozurovich // @pixiepropoganda Makeup: Rachelle Llanes //  www.rachellellanes.com // @rachellellanes Hair: Junie Kang using Bumble & Bumble Wardrobe and Prop Styling: Shane Hobley All Jewelry Provided By: M By Magnolia // www.shopmaggnolia.com (All pieces are personally designed and handmade from scratch with 100% socially responsible materials and reclaimed metals.) The majority of wardrobe is vintage or stylist’s own.

Mediterranean Couscous Cakes

This Mediterranean inspired dish is the perfect blend of citrus, smoke and crisp. You can have this as a vegetarian entrée or as a side dish. My favorite way to have them is by setting up a platter of several Lebanese spreads and dips, soft warm pitas and a variety of artisan cheeses and olives. Pair this with your favorite wine and you’ve got yourself a Mediterranean feast!

Bondi Bohemian

Top: The Freedom State // Skirt: Kate Sylvester // Jewelry: Lost Lover Playsuit: Alice McCall // Belt and jewelry: Lost Lover Top: Alice McCall // Lingerie: Pleasure State // Neck cuff:  The Freedom State // Belt, bracelet and rings: Lost Lover Bra: Nico Underwear // Skirt: Kate Sylvester // Jewelry: Lost Lover Bra: Belle Fance // Skirt: The Freedom State // Jewelry: Lost Lover Dress: The Freedom State // Jewelry: Lost Lover Editorial Credits Model: Emma Boyd // @emmakateboyd // Priscillas Model Management // @priscillasmodels Photography:Lisa Fahey // Taken Photography // www.takenphotography.com.au // @taken_photography Styling: Angela Liang // www.flankandfinish.com // @flankandfinish Makeup: Tussta Hair // www.tussta.com.au // @tusstahair

A Real Statement by a Real Woman

Who am I? My name is Lauren Rudick. I am an international yoga teacher. I travel around our globe offering specialty yoga classes, running retreats and teaching at festivals and conferences. Currently, my home base is a tiny beach town in Costa Rica. Basically, I live in my bathing suit. I surf daily, I teach yoga daily, and I practice yoga daily. I love to eat and sometimes I cry. I am a woman.

Grilled Banana Foster

This recipe offers one of the easiest and healthiest ways to splurge on the original bananas foster without missing the flavor. The hint of spice with the smokiness from the grill pan makes this by far my favorite version of a mock bananas foster. Top it with your favorite goodies and serve! Ingredients Serves 2 1 large semi-ripe banana [slice lengthwise with skin on & tips removed] 1 tablespoon of coconut oil [pour in a small bowl] 1/8 teaspoon of ground clove 1 tablespoon of brown sugar or turbinado sugar ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon powder Optional Toppings  Freeze dried strawberry slices [as seen on picture] Goji berries Fresh berries Ice cream or yogurt [to liking]   Tools Grill pan or medium sauté pan Pastry brush…

Mystic Moon: Magic on the Marsh

Editorial Credits  Collaboration: Lunarsea & Le Photogenic for the latest campaign for Lunarsea – Mystic Moon. Photography: Michelle Troop of Le Photogenic   // @_michelle__troop_ Location: The Marsh, Broome, WA, Australia Model: Kathe Dewaele // @petitekathe Hair/Makeup: Kathe Dewaele Styling: Celeste Boyd (owner/designer of Lunarsea) Assistant Stylist & location scout: Lisa Terry Jewelry: Lunarsea  // www.lunarseadesigns.com // @lunarseadesigns Clothing: The Havana crotchet dress by Spell Designs // www.spelldesigns.com // @spell_byronbay Summer Greens Sugar Maxi dress by Arnhem // www.arnhem.co // @arnhem_clothing Vintage crotchet top, embroidered jacket & suede shorts from Celeste’s extensive vintage collection. Vintage boots: Kathe’s own.

5 Home Decor Pieces for A Spiritual Nest

  For souls consumed by wanderlust and a yearning to be inspired, the home becomes a space that should be laced with intricacy and cultural flair. Victory Jewelry and Earthbound Trading Co. bring us the harmony between exploration and home decor with a sense of comfort. In this brief list of transatlantic treasures, find inspiration to transform a static space into one that encompasses the essence of the wandering, bohemian lifestyle. 

Shame Resilience: A Vulnerability Hangover Cure

“I love being horribly straightforward. I love sending reckless text messages (because how reckless can a form of digitized communication be?) and telling people I love them and telling people they are absolutely magical humans and I cannot believe they really exist. I love saying, “Kiss me harder,” and “You’re a good person,” and, “You brighten my day.” 

Four Life Lessons I Learned While Backpacking

The truth about backpacking is: it can be intimidating. With all your possessions lying on your shoulders, and your resting place being anything from a hostel mattress to a bus seat, it’s a mystery why people choose to grab their essentials and head for the unknown. It was not until I took the leap of faith through South America that I realized how jam-packed it is with life-lessons that can be applied every single day. Here are a few things I learned on my journey:

What You Possess

It seems that as a generation, we have a tendency to battle life’s challenges as if we were the star comedian at a constantly sold out improv club. We “roll with the punches” in the most spontaneous way assuming that we’ll know exactly what to do when difficulty arises. In our emotional and spiritual lives we often wing it, and handle unforeseen circumstances with a disheartening sense of urgency. Our culture puts an enormous emphasis on the importance of academic exam preparation, military training, emergency airplane evacuation, and fire drills to name a few essential and valuable practices. However, just like any gymnast investing numerous hours training for the Olympics or a soccer player rigorously sprinting daily in preparation for the World Cup, we too…

An Open Letter From a Wife Who Married Young-Ish

Twenty-four is an interesting age. Depending on the age of whom you ask, 24 year-olds are either just starting to get their lives together, or just starting to figure out all they lack. Truthfully, that could be said for any 20-something age, but I think twenty-four in particular holds a certain sophomoric gumption that slowly wanes as one approaches 30.

Idols of the Tribe

How we choose to identify ourselves often categorizes us. In many first world cultures, especially in the U.S., we do not stay in the environment we were raised in. We often find ourselves alone, searching for an identity separate from our immediate family. Hairstyles, clothing, ideals, and the like, are all aspects of society that we willingly expose ourselves to in order to connect with similar people. No matter the race, religion, gender, or socioeconomic status, those people are part of your tribe. Idols of the Tribe is an exploration of identity. Though this is planned as an ongoing project, these images represent two black Americans and their search for “tribe.”   Editorial Credits  Photography: Cooper Penn // IG:@cooperslight Hair: Iman Atiba // IG:@honeidoostylist Makeup: Ashley Gray…

Feelin’ Yourself? 5 Roads Leading to Self Love

With the new year upon us, it’s fitting to stretch ourselves into a few new practices.  Twenty sixteen can surprise us, even by its numerical messages. One of the greatest spiritual meanings of the number sixteen is, drumroll please: l-o-v-e-!  Let’s peek into the ways we can focus this statement of love inwardly to, in turn, outwardly love those around us.

Fresh and Crisp Mango Salsa Recipe

Making salsa doesn’t have to be complicated – a couple fresh ingredients and lots of love is all you need. This sweet and salty mango salsa with-a-kick is the perfect way to spice up tortilla chips, salads and even tacos. The best part? The mango fruit has incredible health benefits acting as a skin cleanser, helping digestion and strengthening the immune system, among other things. Delicious and nutritious? Yes, please!

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