Camille Styles

Camille Styles

Camille is the owner and creative director of the blog Camille Styles, which has a very clean, classy and creative feel to it.  Her web site stands out because she focuses on many different topics and aspects that are not commonly seen together in one blog.  With headers such as “parties,” “inspiration,” “food,” “life,” “essentials,” “DIY,” and “videos,” Camille and her amazing team do it all! It also doesn’t hurt that Camille herself, has a very uplifting and inspirational aura.  For great photography, delicious food, how-tos, tutorials, fashion, and help with event planning and craft making, her site is the one to visit.

1. How would you best describe is the place where I share the creative entertaining ideas that inspire my parties and my everyday life. My passion is to bring creativity, inspiration and stress-free style to our readers around the globe…and I’m a firm believer that parties are supposed to be fun!

2. How were you inspired to start your blog?

I initially started my blog as a way to market my event planning company, Camille Styles Events, and as interest and readership grew, I fell in love with the site as a way to reach people all over the world with inspiration for creative, stylish entertaining!

3. Where do you get your daily inspirations?

From books (Food Fashion Friends is a favorite) to blogs (Sunday Suppers, This is Glamorous and Oh Happy Day!), I really do discover inspiration everywhere! And of course, travel is always a time when I gain an incredible amount of inspiration. Walking the streets of a new city, observing the architecture, fashion and culture, is a surefire way to help me think creatively. Especially if that city happens to be Paris, Rome or Barcelona!

4. From looking at your amazing blog, I can tell that a lot of hard work goes into it.  How do you balance a busy schedule?

Thank you! Since my employees and I work from my house, I’m lucky enough to be able to get up and start the day in a super efficient way! However, things do get hectic with meetings, pitches, and shoots and I’m so grateful to share creative responsibility with my amazing contributors.

5. How much time do you devote to your blog?

Many days, I spend 8 hours at my desk researching and writing new posts, answering reader comments, reviewing reader submissions and managing sponsorships. Although even when I’m out and about, I’m constantly brainstorming and getting inspired by the quirky and modern vibe of Austin.

6. Do you ever get blogger’s block? If so, how do you ward it off?

Absolutely! I always take at least 45 minutes a day to read other blogs, check out what’s happening in culture and news and look at beautiful images on Pinterest and photographers’ sites. Usually this sparks some new, imaginative idea in my head, but if not, my nighttime magazine addiction usually helps!

7. What is/are your favorite spring trend(s)? Anything—fashion, beauty, parties, entertainment, etc.

From our recent HGTV Oscar party shoot <> to our DIY thank you notes <>, glamorous gold tones have been a consistent trend on the Camille Styles blog lately. No surprise that I even added a gilded edge to my business cards! <>.  They make me happy every time I hand one out, and my mind is swirling with ideas for other items I can edge with a golden touch.

8. Of all the different topics and areas that your blog covers, do you have a favorite one that you like to work on the most?

My constant passion is stress-free, creative entertaining ideas. This might be a simple yet delicious recipe or a DIY centerpiece that has all your guests wondering just HOW you managed to think of that! I believe that the small, everyday moments in life should be infused with beauty, and there’s nothing better than inspiring readers to do just that.

9. What is your favorite/the most rewarding part about blogging?

Not only has blogging paved the way for me to truly live my passion every day; it has forged new friendships with other bloggers and readers all over the world that I never would have had otherwise. The incredibly creative, talented people that I’ve met through this adventure have been the most rewarding.

10. Do you have a motto you try to keep in mind throughout the entire process of blogging?

Parties are supposed to be fun!” is the motto that my team and I use to guide us in every blog post, video shoot and collaboration.

11. What do you see in your blog’s future within the next couple of years? Any ideas for expansion?

First and foremost, our focus is on continuing to create original, inspiring and innovative content for In terms of new endeavors, I’m very excited to be the host of HGTV’s new party planning app, which will feature sleek and simple videos on how to throw the perfect soirée. And don’t be surprised if a Camille Styles book on creative entertaining makes its debut, as well!

12. Can you please leave our readers with a little inspirational message?

There’s nothing I love more than seeing my clients and readers truly ENJOY the process of planning and creating a celebration that reflects their unique personality. Remember: stylish entertaining is NOT about impressing your guests; it’s about creating beautiful lasting memories for your family and friends!

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