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Becca Tobin Talks Passion and Aspirations

Hailing from Marietta, GA, Becca Tobin knew early on that her dream was to be an entertainer. After her first role in a musical at the tender age of 10, Tobin had found her calling and her love for the arts. “I just remember feeling like I figured out what I wanted to do with my life and I’m glad that I had the opportunity,” Tobin remembers.

When she was 18, Tobin decided it was time to try her luck in the big city. She left Georgia to attend college in New York City, pursuing her dreams in the entertainment industry. After spending eight years in the big apple, Tobin moved to Los Angeles where she currently resides. There she began her role as Kitty Wilde on the fourth season of Glee. Although the show had already made quite a name for itself, Tobin took on the role saying, “I considered it kind of a blessing to come into a show that was already so successful and already sort of knew what it was and the tone was already set.”

Tobin’s inspiration comes from the work of fellow actors. She is extremely passionate about her career and everything it has to offer. “I got into this industry because I love it. I love entertaining people and I love the arts and it’s been a part of my whole life for as far back as I can remember,” Tobin said.

Her passion doesn’t stop at acting, though. Tobin has her own blog titled June Moss after her two fashion icons, her grandmother, June, and Kate Moss. She features outfits that she described as “high/low.” Tobin posts a variety of styles that are typically affordable and adds some pieces that would be considered more high-end. Her blog is a way to express herself stylistically aside from her cheerleading uniform on Glee. “It’s always something that I’ve loved and it’s just sort of become a hobby that’s turned into something that I’m really proud of and I just enjoy doing so, so much,” Tobin said.

Tobin also uses her blog to reach out to fans and inspire them in the same way that she was once inspired. She recently wrote an entry about the industry and the implications that come with being an actress. “My whole goal with this blog especially was to empower girls and young women and just sort of be like, this is who I am and I don’t have to look like every other girl in Hollywood,” Tobin said. Tobin embraces her profession, difficulties and all, saying, “It’s not easy but we love it and there’s some crazy gene in all of us that keeps us doing it.” She has a bright future ahead of her and looks forward to what has yet to come.

By Taryn Marly


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