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Unearthed Gems: Alina Baraz

Like the universe we call home, the world of music is constantly expanding, reaching new dimensions and forming sonic galaxies along the way. With the onslaught of globalization and rising technology, music has become genre bending in its essence, flowing freely from inspiration to inspiration and conquering areas otherwise untouched.

An Inside Look at Wanderlust Festivals

Standing among the lively crowd, the vibrations of drums, bass and saxophone connects the hundreds of fans gathered together to watch one performer. The melody travels through the crowd’s bodies as they stand side by side absorbing the invigorating energy. Just as music’s energy connects concert attendees, a universal force unites participants in a yoga…

Life-Changing Discoveries of Positivity: Live Better Daily

Pessimists and optimists are sure to agree: within each of us, there is an insatiable hunger for happiness. We want progress. We want fulfillment. We want contentment. We want to thrive. Though our outward individual expressions of positivity are different, the process of attaining a broader perspective is quite alike. While there is contrast in…

What Does Womanhood Mean?

In the last year, I’ve followed seventeen pregnancies. Some were just acquaintances while others belonging to deep, heart-soldered friends. I’ve watched women become mothers, creating matter — a living being, a new person — out of love. I’ve seen lives transformed and bore witness to a fact that continues to amaze me: women are made…

Purple Visions

All items in this editorial are handpicked vintage. All jewelry is vintage afghan kuchi pieces.  Editorial Credits Photography by Isabell N Wedin // www.isabellnwedin.com Clothing: Odd Lovin’ // www.oddlovin.com Styling: Tuva Minna Linn Oddson Models: Chanelle Törnqvist and Joanna Hiller

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