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Mystic Moon: Magic on the Marsh

Mystic Moon 3 Feature image

Editorial Credits  Collaboration: Lunarsea & Le Photogenic for the latest campaign for Lunarsea – Mystic Moon. Photography: Michelle Troop of Le Photogenic   // @_michelle__troop_ Location: The Marsh, Broome, WA, Australia Model: Kathe Dewaele // @petitekathe Hair/Makeup: Kathe Dewaele Styling: Celeste Boyd (owner/designer of Lunarsea) Assistant Stylist & location scout: Lisa Terry Jewelry: Lunarsea  // www.lunarseadesigns.com // @lunarseadesigns…

Shame Resilience: A Vulnerability Hangover Cure

Hangover Feature image

“I love being horribly straightforward. I love sending reckless text messages (because how reckless can a form of digitized communication be?) and telling people I love them and telling people they are absolutely magical humans and I cannot believe they really exist. I love saying, “Kiss me harder,” and “You’re a good person,” and, “You…

Idols of the Tribe

Idols of the Tribe Feature image

How we choose to identify ourselves often categorizes us. In many first world cultures, especially in the U.S., we do not stay in the environment we were raised in. We often find ourselves alone, searching for an identity separate from our immediate family. Hairstyles, clothing, ideals, and the like, are all aspects of society that…

Meet the Mother-Daughter Duo Owners of Ethical Jewelry Company Tess + Tricia

Tess & Trish Feature image

As a mother-daughter team making ethically produced jewelry with an organic and natural aesthetic, Tess and Tricia is a brand worth lauding. Tessa, the daughter and Patricia, the mother, always dreamed of running a business together. With Tess’s creativity and design skills, Tricia’s business experience, and their shared love of jewelry, the brand officially launched in 2013 in…

5 Favorite Earthbound Trading Co. Items for Your Nest

Earthbound feature pic

The immense desire to explore may motivate you to travel but it may also cause an inner struggle to find balance. While the nomadic spirit drives the need for cultural exploration, obligations and financial responsibilities may prevent such actions. Luckily, Earthbound Trading Company brings beautiful foreign treasures to you through their website and local store…

How to Care for Down There

NEW Care down there feature pic

Yes ladies, it’s time to talk about our vaginas. Our vagary’s and who-ha’s or whatever you feel comfortable calling it. We are constantly reminded about taking care of our hearts, working out and doing regular breast exams, but what about our most precious and powerful body part? Our vagina’s are important. Understanding how they work and how…

Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe feature image

Flower Crown:Wild+free jewelry // Swimsuit:Peace of paradise // Crystal, leather necklace: three arrows leather // Amethyst chunk necklace: Torchlight jewelry Flower Crown: Ina Dayle // Wrap top: sew materialized // Swim bottoms: peace of paradise // Open dress: Stylist’s own // Necklace: Karen kell collection // Rings:Lux divine jewelry // Lapiz cuff: raptor jewelry Head…

Lost and Found

Lost and found feature image

Large Blue Ring: Gypsy River // Three Chunk Turquoise Ring: The Stray Arrow // Gold Carved Cuffs with Stones: Break A Stone // Two Crystal Bracelet: Wings Hawaii // Turquoise Necklace: Torchlight Jewelry // Black Leather Necklace: Three Arrows Leather // Jacket: Obsezz Turquoise Cuffs: Gypsy River // Thunderbird Cuff: Torchlight Jewelry // Two Piece…

Castles Made of Sand


White bathing suit: Musotica // Floral skirt: Novella Royale // All Jewelry: The Shangri-LA // Leather purse: Heyoka Leather // Shoes: Steve Madden Pants: Novella Royale // Leather top: Heyoka Leather // Leather bag: Heyoka Leather // All Jewelry: The Shangri-LA Jumpsuit: Novella Royale // Jewelry: White leather necklace: Heyoka Leather, Green/gold stone necklace: The…

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