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5 Ways to Be a Big Boss in a Tiny Space

The freedom-based lifestyle is taking over the old nine-to-five model. These days, lots of folks are trading in the McMansion for a tiny house. Whether to save money or to make less of an impact on the environment, one thing is for sure, small is in.

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you have to give up your creative work space. Author Desha Peacock, shares how savvy women are getting creative with their small and tiny spaces by creating offices out of some pretty unusual places.  In this article, we’ll get an inside peek into her book Your Creative Work Space and learn 5 ways to create an inspiring work space in a tiny place.

Tip #1: Pick a Wall. 

If you have a wall, you can design a work space. Tip #1 is to look around your home and find a good wall that you can push a desk up to. That shouldn’t be too hard, right? For author Desha Peacock, that perfect wall happened to be in her bedroom. After she installed her favorite Hygge and West wallpaper designed by Joy Cho of Oh Joy!, she knew it was the perfect spot for her home office.

Simply add an Ikea desk, lamp from Target, a vintage chair, and you’ve got a lovely work space.


Photo by Lesley Woodward

Tip #2: Turn your closet into an office. 

Anna Margaret, proprietress of Le Souk Le Souk, created this boho-luxe office out of what used to be a closet. She added in layers of texture with plants, baskets, and a fun rug to give it a cozy feel. The botanical walls are hand painted by her talented artist partner, Srijon Chowdhury. The biggest challenge was lighting.  Like most closets, Anna’s did not have an electrical outlet. Luckily, her father had some basic electrician skills and added the outlet for her.  Her desk is simply high-grade plywood from Home Depot.  Find Anna on IG @lesouklesouk.

Photo by Mikola Accuardi

Tip #3: Design a creative space in your dining room.

No space for an office? Interior Designer Nichol Naranjo designed a work hub just off her kitchen for herself and her children to do their homework. As she stated in the book, “Not having a dedicated office requires a little creativity, organization, and a well-thought-out space.” Nichol saved valuable work space by adding overhead lighting and a nearby hutch for storage so things stay tidy.  Find Nichol on IG @nicholnaranjo.

Photo by Dominic Naranjo

Tip #4: Use the top of your hallway as your creative nook.

Stasia Savasuk from Brattleboro, Vermont created her business before she had an office. Working from home with two children meant she had to think creatively about where to work. She created a small office in her upstairs hallway where she runs her virtual business, Stasia’s Style School. Find Stasia on IG @stasiasavasuk.

(Photo Photo by Evi Abeler

Tip #5: Raise the bar. 

Liz Kamarul also crafted her work space near her dining room.  Don’t have a dining room? Just pick a wall and ad (or build) a raised desk, like Liz did here.  Add artwork, textiles, plants, and good lighting and the space will look like it’s meant to be there.  Find Liz on IG @liz_kamarul. (Photo by Liz Kamarul)

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About Desha:

International Retreat Leader, LifeSTYLE Design Coach, and Founder of Sweet Spot Style, Desha Peacock is the author of Create the Style You Crave and Your Creative Work Space. Find her at www.sweetspotstyle.com or on Instagram @deshapeacock.